Okay, I’m asking the question because it comes up more or less every day when we are talking with people. “Can you really really stop eating a food or a drink like soft drink.” Now, I get curious when someone asks me this question because I’m wondering lots of things, like, how often have they tried to stop eating something specific. And then I wonder what pain and expense are these people experiencing… paying for ways to stop and they just don’t work! So I ask “why do you want to stop eating that food…” and the responses interest me. You see…you CAN stop eating a specific food or stop drinking a specific drink, if that is truly what you want – 100% what you want.

So how does that work anyway? I mean, how do you stop eating something specific? Time and time again, I know, winter comes and I would love to eat lots of hot soups and other things like crunchy bread. You know what I mean, right?  Then winter is over and you say “hang on, summer is on its way and I want to get fit and so on and so on.”

We go through this cycle year after year and if that is what you like then that is okay. And we have wonderful people coming to see us and they say “Look, I’ve been to the doctor and I know I need to stop eating X because I know and the doctor knows, it’s not good for…. I’ve tried and tried everything like diets, reading books, tapes,  doing online shopping… I really have and then I can’t stop eating it…” and of course we help them every time and it doesn’t take long and they are happy. Their lives change positively.

Just like these people, you too can be in control of the food you eat and not the other way around. That’s what you want, isn’t it? Imagine what stopping eating that food you know you shouldn’t  be eating will do for you! What will you get in your life when you stop eating that food that you don’t have now in your life? Imagine every day, every day… being in control of what you eat! No more stress about trying all the different fads and diets. No more spending all that money to stop eating the food you know you shouldn’t….get control.

The solution is very straightforward because that is what you want and when you compare it with the ongoing drama of diets and stress, who wouldn’t do it? I know you will agree that getting help from someone you can trust and who can truly help you now is your best choice.

Whatever you are doing, you can call us today or within the next few days to stop eating that food you know you want to stop eating and get back what you want in your life.

Glen and Gina Palmer

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