Globally, sustainability and the health of an organisation, its employees, partners, clients and many more stakeholders are becoming more of a priority, particularly in the age of corporate social responsibility. Of course, virtual reality and AI are making all sorts of waves across the world and resulting in intriguing conversations at the Boardroom level. We also know that competition and changing business models are changing not every three or four years but in months even days.

  • So how healthy and vigorous is your board and the organisation it leads?
  • How is business?
  • Are all the boxes ticked that must be ticked for accountability and social responsibility?
  • Are board members aligned with the values of the organisation? Do you really know?
  • Do you have the right skills-set in the boardroom? If not, why not?
  • Are the values of the organisation aligned with strategy?
  • Is your strategy clear and understood across the board table and the organisation?

So many questions aren’t there. And there should be because boards are making critical decisions now more than ever.

You know that there are boards that are continuously exemplary and boards that strive to be exemplary and for some reason don’t achieve that excellence level. The cost of recruitment, poor connection between the CEO and the board, performance loss, shareholder discontent, power games, miscommunication, incomplete decision-making processes all lead to one place, ineffectiveness.

What would happen if your organisation’s values are truly reflective of where the organisation is now and where it will be? What would happen when board members are strongly aligned with the values and with strategy? What would happen if the board functioned effectively all the time? Would the outcomes change? You know they will.

We offer a simple and relevant program to reduce boardroom conflict and grow effectiveness and resilience, this program is “Boardroom Reimagined”. Do you want to reimagine your Boardroom now? What if you did?

Are you interested in becoming effective and resilient? For more information, contact Gina Palmer +61 481012856 or email gina@mindstomorrow.com.au