The DYNAMIS Woman ‘Your Life: Your Way’ experience is for women with seriously distinctive and dynamic minds who want to live an impactful and positive life.

Is this for you?

Do you want to sharpen your dynamic abilities to create the results you want?

Are you wanting to work with your mind productively for the future?

Perhaps you want to find out the real you?

Yes? Then, it’s time to take action.

Let me share a true story with you…

Ever been somewhere, just walking along and an idea comes to you – something with a lot of meaning and you say “I am going to do that!” …. like those defining moments that propel you forward to do something that will help others. Do you know people like this? Maybe that’s you?

There I was standing at the top of the Delphi ruins in Greece, feeling the energy and power of this sophisticated yet rugged mountain landscape. I could see the deep blue Aegean Sea in the distance and as I looked around me at the remnants of an ancient culture, I felt connectedness and inspiration.

Everyone I spoke with felt the same. Our tour guide Maria was passionately sharing her knowledge about the history of the area, telling us about the Oracle of Delphi and the priestess Pythia who was famous for her ability to divine the future. Imagine that right now!

It was as I walked around the ruins, imagining the people who once walked here, who gazed at the same vista as I did, who spoke an ancient language only captured on the stone faces of the ruins for us to see today, that I came back to now, listening to the amazing history shared by Maria in her mellifluous Greek accent AND the idea was born….of working with women and helping them learn more about themselves and the life they want to live. It was powerful! How am I going to do this?

What is it we will do?

Dynamis is Greek for power and potentiality. Dynamis is central to the Aristotelian idea of potentiality and actuality. Ever heard of self-actualisation? What better word to use for this evolution of self and self-potentiality experience – Dynamis. And it wasn’t long before this idea was captured in the form of an experience for women young and old. Women just like you and me!

Why is ‘Dynamis Woman’ important to me?

In life, I have come across women of all ages achieving things with their lives and when we start talking, a theme seems to flow from one to the other “Yes, I am achieving but I really don’t know who my real self is so how can I be impactful in the way I actually want”.  Do you know your true self? What would happen if you did?

There is a proven way to discover the answers and learn what to do with what you discover in a realistic way.

The truth is I love working with others, I want to share so much with you and support you in your growth. This is about a community of ‘Dynamis Women’ around the world. Living life, your way! Get clarity, take action and be focused.

The process

There are three options – you choose. Virtual and/or face-to-face. Given the knowledge and tools supporting this deep experience, please contact me to ask how this will work for you.

Option 1: 2 weeks, virtual.

  • Introduction to Self-discovery and goal setting using future based techniques.
  • AUD299*.

Option 2: up to 9 weeks, virtual and/or face-to-face.

  • Taking what you discovered from Option 1 and mapping your future.
  • In the near future, if you live in Queensland (Australia), we may be able to complete part of this program face-to-face (ask me how). Face-to-face is at an exclusive beach-side location to elevate your energy and focus (minimum of 6 participants).
  • This option includes individual coaching and your personal or professional BREAKTHROUGH experience.
  • AUD $2,500*.

Option 3: up to 12 months, virtual and/or face-to-face

  • Your personal or professional BREAKTHROUGH experience.
  • Your action plan with ongoing coaching and specific personalised activities
  • Your ‘fast-lane’ to exceptional growth, success and results
  • Virtual and face-to-face (depending on where you live). Face-to-face segments are held at an exclusive beach-side location to fine-tune your results (minimum of 6 participants).
  • Talk with me to find out more about how this option will work for you. You will be surprised about how little this will cost.

What’s next?

Call me +61 481012856 or email me to register your Dynamis Woman experience and be who you really want to be.

*prices are subject to change