Glen’s story

My story really started many years ago when I chose to be a financial planner and discovered that my work was really more than doing financial plans for other people. I witnessed transformation and through building relationships with people, I became a part of a different future. Seeing my clients over the years as they moved through their personal journeys gave a me a sense of accomplishment and inner satisfaction. I was making a difference. Bring all that together with my personal belief that to achieve what is possible, we must connect with and look after the ‘whole body’, set realistic goals and be ready to create positive change. I attended numerous professional development programs including week long yoga workshops and eventually discovered NLP.

My destiny changed

NLP inspired me and enabled me to connect the dots and I could see and grasp my future vividly and comfortably. I knew that I will achieve more than I had really imagined and through it all, make a difference to the world. In reality, NLP awakened me to the fact that I have a lot more to give, more to explore, more to create and more to achieve. NLP has allowed me to look at things differently and to ask WHY and ‘What If’ confidently and with purpose.

We can help you create your inspiring journey

Join me for your inspiring journey to really explore and discover your strengths and destiny and you will realise your full potential and live the life you most deserve and the life you control. Achieve clarity and take action.

~ Glen Palmer, Master NLP Coach | Certified Trainer of NLP | Time Line Therapy® | Hypnosis | Dip NLP & Hypnotherapy