Business Mastery Retreat

Retreat: 13 – 15 April 2018, Ramada Hotel, Marcoola Beach, Sunshine Coast

“How is business?” Is your business growing?

Interestingly, at every business meeting or networking event we have attended recently, the issues facing businesses seem to be similar. “Pace of change”, “people”, “rising costs”, “not enough time to work on the business”, “not real sure of my business map”, “clients want more”… do these sound familiar to you? All that aside, is your business really where it should be now and are you prepared for the future? Is your mindset ready?

The Business Mastery retreat has been especially designed for business owners who want to amplify their business skills and their self-leadership. Starting with a business dinner featuring a guest speaker, the retreat will focus on overcoming the challenges facing business owners and business leaders, the elements of strategy, and the art of influence and persuasion. Know that your thinking will shift.

Retreat segments will include:

  • My business now – understanding the factors challenging your business today and breaking through the way you think about challenges and positive action; understanding your business map and refocusing on value
  • Me as a business owner – using and gaining successful strategies to enable successful outcomes guided by your values
  • My business in the future – defining the future of your business and being aligned with your business of tomorrow.

Our trainings, workshops and retreats are designed to be ‘hands-on’ learning experiences.  We encourage you to ask questions and to be actively involved – your experience will be ultimately enriched and so will your mind!

  • Become masterful of your thinking and your results
  • Be curious of where you are headed and achieve clarity about own purpose and your values. Have confidence in your ability to take action towards your outcomes and not be influenced by past decisions that can cloud your judgement and your future success.
  • The focus is on you and your business
  • An opportunity for you to use your time to work on your business and your skills.  Intensive mode means that your mind is open to a new way of thinking, looking at what really is happening and developing realistic options to help you now and into the future.
  • Intensive working with like-minded people
  • Want to work with other business owners and build your network for the future? Like-minded people gathered together can be inspiring and accelerate the development of your skills.
  • Qualified and experienced trainers
  • Being comfortable with your trainers is important to you as a business owner and this is why Minds Tomorrow gives you the benefit of trainers and coaches who have been through a rigorous certification program and offer the benefit of experience in education and business over many years.
  • Positive learning environment and support
  • We all learn best in a positive and appropriate learning environment don’t we? This is why we have sourced and deliver our retreats, workshops and courses in places that are conducive to learning. That way, you are happy!



Business Mastery Retreat Fee:

Register now and take advantage of the early bird fee.

PAID IN FULL – paid in full regular registration by 16 March $1,499 inc GST

EARLY BIRD – paid in full early bird by 2 March $1,399 inc GST

PAYMENT PLAN – Payment plan is available. (please contact Glen or Gina to arrange 0402306725 or 0481012856)

First five individual registrants will receive a free one-hour business coaching session with Glen Palmer*

Business owners bringing a colleague – we will offer a discount of 10% off the registration price for a colleague attending with the business owner

* Coaching session could be immediately prior to the retreat or at a time mutually convenient to the registrant and Glen Palmer

Retreat accommodation

Marcoola Beach offers a number of accommodation options. If you decide to stay at the Ramada, please advise that you are attending the retreat at time of booking.