Create and Innovate

About this course

Do you have a mobile device or a desktop computer? Ever considered the many medical breakthroughs or the rapid growth in the demand for new and more gadget based cars? Each new mobile device, new car (even driverless cars), new app, new medical cure have all resulted from an idea, a curiosity, a desire, a dream. What do you want to create or innovate and how will that give you the positive change you want for your life? We are naturally creative every day as we mix and match clothes, choose the words we want to say, write what is in our minds, or find solutions to issues at work. How do you feel when you actively create for purpose? Recognising and honing your creative and innovative potential is actually a process which is the reason this two-day workshop has been designed to give you time to understand and grasp the process. You will learn how to identify and build your creativity and innovative talent, how to implement creative and innovative ideas for real and impactful outcomes, and specific creative techniques. Creativity and innovation are proven differentiators with significant outcomes for individuals and businesses. Create and innovate now and bring about positive change in your life. Ignite your curiosity and contact us today.

Your training is delivered by a qualified and recognised Certified Trainer/Master Coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapist.

What’s included?

The all inclusive full workshop fee is $595* and covers: 2 day workshop; learning resources; ½ hour complementary pre-workshop preparation either by phone or Skype with Glen Palmer; certificate of participation (upon completion of workshop). Once enrolled, our team will contact you to answer questions you may have and to help you plan for the workshop.

To discuss payment options and how body language can help us achieve results,
call Glen Palmer 0402306725 or Gina Palmer 0481 012 856.

*Prices subject to change and a range of payment options are available including discounts. Prices in AUD.