Create your business destiny

About this course

How is business? Are you wanting to transform the way you do business? Are you tired of working long hours without achieving your desired results? Do you watch as your competitors move into your market taking your clients? Do you want to close more sales and grow your income? Are you wanting to be more confident, competent and credible in the very competitive and complex world of business? Creating a better business using NLP will lead to your business success. Each business is unique in many ways and ensuring successful strategies and outcomes as well as congruency in all aspects of the business will transform what you do with lasting value. Do you have goals or are you shifting from one thought to another? Do you really know what your clients want and what exactly delights them? Are you watching the revenue line either going down or not shifting while the expenditure line creeps up and you think that slashing expenditure is going to help? Have you reached that drift point in the business and you really want to get out of drift and into flow? This two-day workshop will empower you to get clear on being a strategist and work on your business so that your business moves to where it should be: a success.

Your training is delivered by a qualified and recognised Certified Trainer/Master Coach of
Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapist.

What’s included?

The all inclusive full workshop fee is $595* and covers: 2 day workshop; learning resources; ½ hour complementary pre-workshop preparation either by phone or Skype with Glen Palmer; certificate of participation (upon completion of workshop). Once enrolled, our team will contact you to answer questions you may have and to help you plan for the workshop.

To discuss payment options and how body language can help us achieve results,
call Glen Palmer 0402306725 or Gina Palmer 0481 012 856.

*Prices subject to change and a range of payment options are available including discounts. Prices in AUD.