FasTrak NLP Master Practitioner 15 Day Program

Master Practitioner 4 internationally recognised certificates 13–28 March 2021. Book now.

Would you like to now take your NLP Practitioner experience and go to the next level?

Do you want to deepen your NLP knowledge and skills and be a master NLP coach and maybe take your practise to the next business horizon?

In this forever-changing world, would you like to know how to maximize your time and achieve what you want so that you can live your life your way?

How would you like to use language so you are a masterful communicator? Would you like to achieve a win/win in negotiations or in life?

Are you on a trajectory to becoming an NLP trainer and a self-assured public speaker no matter the size of the audience?

It’s time then, to master your own life and at the same time help others to transform theirs. This 15-day ‘4 in ONE certification’ is one of the most progressive courses available and takes the skills acquired in the FasTrak™ NLP Practitioner training or other approved NLP Practitioner certifications to a sophisticated and masterful level.

Example curriculum includes:

• NLP techniques in depth
• Quantum Linguistic Language Patterns
• Values
• Meta programs
• Advanced submodalities
• Advanced strategies
• Parts Integration
• Modelling Excellence
• Breakthrough process
• Time Line Therapy®
• Hypnosis

Join Glen Palmer and Gina Palmer, Master NLP Coaches and internationally accredited trainers of: NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis for your transformational journey through our FasTrak™ Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Certification Training.

How to get started?

• Register and pay your deposit $995 and you will receive the ‘pre-training’ study at home program that includes: Master Prac manual, preparation for the open book test; 2 x 1 hour complementary pre-course coaching either face-to-face (where possible) or Skype with Glen or Gina Palmer; certificates (upon successful completion of course).
• Once enrolled, we will contact you to guide you through your preparation for the 15-day training.
• Once registered, arrange the pre-training coaching sessions and check-in phone calls.
• Pay in full before day 1 of training*.

*To discuss payment options and how this course can transform your life, call Glen Palmer 0402306725 or Gina Palmer 0481012856

Prices subject to change and a range of payment options are available including discounts. All prices in AUD.