Introduction to NLP

Virtual one day NLP STARTER course 21 November 2020. Book now.

About this course

Want to have an NLP experience?

Remember the first time you did something new like learn to drive a car? We are conscious of every part of driving the car and changing the gears, for example, had to be timed just right. Eventually, driving became almost like clockwork as we orchestrated the drive to our destination. In order to truly achieve positive change, we must master the art of bringing our unconscious thoughts to the surface and you will then have real choice over how to respond to the world. NLP will help you to enable your unconscious so that you will realise outstanding outcomes in your life. In this one-day workshop you will gain a clear understanding NLP, the NLP presuppositions, the Senses according to NLP, how to use enriched language, how to interpret body language using NLP techniques, the purpose of hypnotic language, and how to put the techniques together to create great outcomes.

Your experiences in this workshop will open your mind to the further opportunities that NLP can give those who choose to become qualified and recognised NLP Coaches and ultimately help others to bring about positive change in their lives.

Your training is delivered by a qualified and recognised trainers.

What’s included?

The all inclusive full workshop fee is $340* and covers: 1 day workshop; learning resources; ½ hour complementary pre-workshop preparation; certificate of participation (upon completion of workshop). Once enrolled, our team will contact you to answer questions you may have and to help you plan for the workshop. Note: At any time during this workshop, you can enrol in the NLP Practitioner program and you will receive a discounted package. Talk with Glen or Gina about details.

To discuss payment options and how body language can help us achieve results,call Glen Palmer +61 402306725 or Gina Palmer +61 481 012 856.

*Prices subject to change and a range of payment options are available including discounts. Prices in AUD.