My Brand: Be Impactful

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About this course

We recognise various brands every day, particularly when we purchase our favourite things. Consider this – how many brands can you see in your mind or how many commercial jingles can you hear yourself sing? Who are your heroes in the professional world who have made an amazing difference and what is their personal brand?

What connects you to that personal brand? What is your personal brand and why is it an imperative factor in creating positive change? This two-day workshop considers and defines the ‘what and how’ of personal brand in life and you will learn the skills to create and embellish your own brand for impact. During the workshop, you will identify and expand on why your personal style fits with your personal brand, and how to take ownership of your image online and in person.

We will explore and define the brand approach, credibility, real-life brand, and how to evolve a personal brand as we grow in our lives. You want to be seen as you want to be seen and you want others to experience the impact of your personal brand in a positive and rewarding way.

Your training is delivered by a qualified and recognised Certified Trainer/Master Coach of
Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapist.

What’s included?

The all inclusive full workshop fee is $595* and covers: 2 day workshop; learning resources; ½ hour complementary pre-workshop preparation either by phone or Skype with Glen Palmer; certificate of participation (upon completion of workshop). Once enrolled, our team will contact you to answer questions you may have and to help you plan for the workshop.

To discuss payment options and how body language can help us achieve results,
call Glen Palmer 0402306725 or Gina Palmer 0481 012 856.

*Prices subject to change and a range of payment options are available including discounts. Prices in AUD.