You get up in the morning and you are not sure about how to start your day? Do you really want to do something and you go into an internal conversation about it with part of you saying yes and part of you saying no? Do you get tired from it all – all that internal stuff going on and in the end you become stuck, stagnant, ineffective, stressed, tired and ….you don’t actually get what you want? Un-decided?

Let’s imagine the flipside. Imagine making decisions that work for you and you getting what you want? What would that do for you? Do you know that achieving your highest intention can give you so much more in life? You know exactly what I mean. Live your life of what you want.

Not long ago, I was walking along a beach and there was a tangled mess of fishing line just sitting there and I could see a beautiful shell glistening just inside the tangled mess. I really wanted to see the shell and to do so, I detangled the fishing line. After a while…To my surprise, I found much more than a beautiful shell…. I found that the tangled fishing line had snared a small crab. It was now free to live again, to breathe and live its life. And I watched it scurry off to its hole. I knew it was okay because it came out later to check out its territory before heading home again. Free.

Just like the crab, you too can be free of the conflict within and live the life you deserve and want. Be a positive decider!

Now, you know that there is no time like right now to free yourself and this means that you can call us today.

Unravel your life!

Glen and Gina Palmer, Master NLP Coaches and NLP Trainers

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