When did you last breakthrough something?

Really breakthrough, maybe… an idea… a goal… a challenge? How did you feel? Why breakthrough anything anyway? What is the purpose? Well, interestingly enough, just recently we were at an amazing event in Sydney and met a fascinating rock climber. Now rock-climbing is one of those sports where the whole body and mind are in sync and we mean sync. You have to understand how everything works together from top to bottom to safely climb vertical rock faces, enjoy the view, get over the fear, and have no doubts about your ability – you want to make it to the top and enjoy it every time. The real question is “why breakthrough”? What is holding you back? Do you know? Do you find yourself tackling the same issues the same way with no real outcome? Is this the way you want to live your life?

So what is breakthrough anyway? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of breakthrough is “an act or instance of moving through or beyond an obstacle…a person’s first notable success…” You will know your own examples of breakthrough… maybe when you learned a new skill like riding a bicycle. And now, when you ride a bicycle, you find that you can do it. What about your breakthroughs in the context of life? Your career, health, family, financial, relationships? What breakthroughs do you know you want so the results are always what you want them to be. We all want a good outcome!

How does a breakthrough really work? Our breakthrough process is a guaranteed method for helping you to discover how to unleash your full potential and this means learning more about yourself, what holds you back, what truly motivates you, how you can bring out your strengths, and how to set and achieve goals – and more. Here’s the thing…. Are you at cause in your life or are you at the effect of your life? Do you want to let go of limiting beliefs? Do you want to be consistently successful? Do you know how? Be connected with your world? Have the relationship you want? Have the career or business you want? You know the answers…You have to start by breaking through your thinking!

What questions do you have? Contact us now to book your breakthrough and create your life the way you want. 


Master NLP Coaches, Gina and Glen Palmer