Have you been out and about and heard people grumble about their financial and material possessions ‘I need more money… I want the latest and best smart phone…’ have you heard this before?

Do you wonder about what a lot of money would do for you? It’s fair to say that many people do wonder don’t they?

So specifically, what is a lot of money and do people really know what to do with that money once they get it?

Let’s just change a gear or two here and slow down a moment. Some questions for us to ponder…

  1. When did you decide that you need more money? Was it in the past or something that happened recently?
  2. Do you know what triggers the need or want – to have more money?
  3. Do you have goals set for the various areas of your life ie wealth, health, personal, professional, spiritual?
  4. Do you have a healthy mindset?
  5. Are you willing to do what you can that is ethical and win/win to achieve your goals?
  6. Do you know specifically what your life’s intention is?

As you read through the questions, what did you say to yourself, what did you see, what did you feel?

You see, until you get clear on what you really want in life and you feel congruent with what you want, and then take action, the ideas, the wants, the thoughts, the dreams, stay somewhere in our thoughts or in a picture.

You can achieve your goals and keep on achieving. Get an NLP coach to help you or do an NLP course and you will definitely unlock your magnificent potential and your life will certainly change forever!

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You know that what you want starts with taking action.

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