We have been hearing it for years and will be hearing about it for years to come. The megatrends are here and will continue to be as the world continues to change. PwC defines global megatrends as macroeconomic and geostrategic forces shaping our world and futures, and present us with opportunities and risks. In fact, social media abounds with conversations about megatrends such as #megatrends

Recently, the World Economic Forum @worldeconomicforum shared an article about the 4 megatrends that could change our world by 2030. You know that is not all that far away… these ‘4’ are: Individual Empowerment; Diffusion of Power; Demographic Patterns; and Growing demand for food, water and energy. Interestingly, some 46 years ago, The Club of Rome @clubofrome commissioned an MIT team of researchers to investigate how our world’s system would cope under specific constraints. The researchers led by principal author Dr Donella H. Meadows used the system dynamics approach World3 computer model to look at the interactions between population, food production, industrialisation, pollution and the consumption of non-renewable natural resources. The result of the research was ‘The Limits to Growth” report.  You can learn more about the report by reading the book. The Donella Meadows Project update suggests that the world is in ‘overshoot’. Imagine what happens when your bank account goes into the red or when a company can no longer trade? We look to balance the books! How are we going to achieve global equilibrium? What is really possible?

So as we look towards balance or equilibrium how do we enable and support ‘individual empowerment’? The World Economic Forum reports that as people are lifted out of poverty over the next 15-20 years through initiatives supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, there will be more people who will be empowered.  As we reflect on work already achieved through various Foundations and various individuals, we are already seeing individuals becoming empowered and through this change empowering others. Only recently Bill Gates and Richard Branson met in Paris to discuss ‘long-shot goals’ – they agree that it is crucial to chase big ideas!

It’s great that there are people from all backgrounds working to make our world a better place, isn’t it?

What if – just what if, we gave ourselves time to empower our mind and body, and then empower others so that we can balance our own ‘empowerment account’? What if, as a result we can actually think ‘big ideas’ confidently and put those ‘big ideas’ into real action successfully helping our world to be a better place? And not wait another 20 years? And just maybe the megatrends in 2030 can take a different shape? And we know that we can make a difference. That’s right!

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