Expressions of interest are being called for this new program!

Everyone talks about mindset, so how is yours? Want to be thriving in all areas of your life? Of course you do…who wouldn’t?

Register now for this new and exciting online coaching program and sit back in the comfort of your own home or office….or your favourite holiday destination and boost your mindset at the same time!

“My Winner Mindset” comprises five 45min live online coaching sessions with international master coaches Gina and Glen Palmer. This unique program is easy to engage with and at the same time gives you a rich and lasting experience.

This unique program is packed with value so what are some of the benefits?

  • Learn how your values and where you are right now in life influence your outcomes including your performance and your ability to create sustainable solutions for you and your career.
  • Understand the relationship between your external world, your internal world, your behaviour and your communication effectiveness. This will help you to understand self and your world with more clarity. You will learn how to recognise being at the ‘effect’ (excuses and reasons) and switch to being at cause – where you will achieve more with less confusion.
  • Learn what an effective mindset is and how to have an effective mindset in your life in a real way. Be in control!
  • Learn ways to use language, specifically patterns of language to achieve a specific outcome.
  • Receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ and approved discounts on further programs with Minds Tomorrow.

Don’t expect to be entertained – do expect to learn, be challenged and get clarity…. Be on purpose with your life!

On enrolment, you will receive a workbook and a personalised activity. You will also complete a Values Level Inventory during a 1-hour complementary coaching session with Gina and Glen (valued at AU$495 plus GST). At the end of the program you may want to explore further growth activities or learn more about yourself.

Due to interest already expressed, this unique program is being offered in cohorts of 10 individuals worldwide.  We can also work with your teams.

The “My Winner Mindset” asset investment is only AU$499 (plus GST) per participant. We also offer a special program for teams.

Register and Enrol now – email gina@mindstomorrow.com.au for your enrolment pack and schedule your coaching sessions. Upfront payment is required to confirm your enrolment.